Teddy Bear Zuchon Puppies (Shichon Shih-Tzu Bichon) Rare Colours

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Breeds: Zuchon, Shichon, Shih-Tzu, Bichon
British Columbia

A lifetime of your dog Guarantee✔ Lifetime Return✔ 18+yrs Experience✔18+yrs Exceptional Health✔ 18+yrs References✔ Hypoallergenic✔ Non-shed✔ Vet Examined✔ A true Teddy Bear is a Zuchon & breeds actual name!

We are now accepting deposits/reservations from approved families to find the perfect homes for our future puppies, we take commitments first and then breed a litter specifically for those reservations. See our website for more at www.tinyteddys.com for full details including prices, location, breed info, hundreds of photos & videos, 11 pages of references containing ongoing comments and photos and more. We have included various past photos and video of our puppies in this ad, to see more please view our website www.tinyteddys.com

Zuchons uniquely keep their Teddy Bear look throughout their lifetime and remain little show stoppers at all ages of life. We have been raising perfect little Teddy Bear Zuchons for over 17+ years with an ongoing impeccable perfect health history. We provide a lifetime genetic guarantee with our puppies and a lifetime return policy so they will always have a home here with us if their family’s situation ever changes. Our puppies and their parents receive flattering comments on their beauty and temperament everywhere they go and are often asked by a variety of professional vets, groomers, doggy daycares, training centers where they found such a perfectly balanced little puppy. Our dogs and their puppies go everywhere with us and our lives entirely revolve around them. Our world is their playground and we make sure life is always a ball for our happy go lucky Zuchons.

Our puppies are raised in the heart of our very loving home pre-pampered and lovingly cared for long before their first breath. We ensure our pups are expertly socialized. We spend a great amount of quality time playing, teaching and bonding with them. The adults enjoy playing with the little ones and spend a lot of time with them so they play a major role in this as well. They range in size from the tiny 5 lbs to the larger 16 lbs. They come in a variety of soft, lush coats in a variety of gorgeous colours and colour combinations such as black, white, brown, rare reds and our rare chocolate. They have large intelligent mesmerizing eyes in amber, dark brown, golden or green with little black or chocolate button noses. They are as beautiful inside as they are out; they are charming, comedic and playful with marvellous even temperament, calm dispositions and are known for their desire to please their loved ones. Their fun-loving attitudes enable them to get along easily with all pets and people from individuals to large families and various living situations from condos to farms. Zuchons (aka hybrid, Shichon, Shih-Tzu, Bichon), were given their Teddy Bear name when they were originally created for handicapped children due to their amazing dispositions, easy trainability, and whole body Teddy Bear appearance for those who needed a soft, cuddly and squeezable dog that would happily put up with hours of snuggling without becoming irritated or nippy. With all the assets of a regular dog as they love to swim, play ball and games, hike, run, camp, go for walks. Our puppies also come litter box trained to aid in-house training as puppies, this is also usable throughout their life if you love to get away to travel, go boating, etc. Our puppies are always fully veterinarian inspected including their first set of vaccines and deemed in excellent health by our vet before leaving our home. Upon leaving our home we keep our new parents organized with a copy of our Tiny Teddies Handbook and provide support 24/7 for the lifetime of our little ones.

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Have a Happy Day, Corinne & Mike and the wiggle butts :)


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