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Registered: AAC
Breeds: Yellow Fronted Amazon's, Quakers, Conures
69 Inverness Avenue, Halifax, Nova Scotia

A small family owned and operated aviary breeding a variety of parrots from the tiniest parrotlets up to and including Amazon's and recently added a pair of blue and gold macaws that may choose to breed in the future.

We spoon feed all our babies and start pulling them from the nest boxes at approximately 8-10 days old to be continuously hand raised and fed from that point on. We live with our birds so they are in constant contact with us, where they are exercised, socialized and exposed to a variety of of other young birds, toys, colours and personal contact where they get lots of love and handling.

We are registered with the AAC Avian Association of Canada and our band ID is "IABL" for It's a Bird's Life Aviary and all our birds come banded with hatch certificates, and 15 day medical guarantee.

Contact Information
Phone: 902-477-4200
Website: view our site

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