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Registered: APA, MOAC, ABC, CGS, VPPC
Breeds: Heritage & Rare Poultry, Waterfowl, Registered Nubian Goats
4686 Grandview Flats Road, Armstrong, BC, Canada, RR5, British Columbia

Wild Acres believes in maintaining high standards and we strive to improve breed stock with each generation. We select our best stock for poultry shows and breeding purposes.

Heritage and Rare Poultry we raise:
Marans: Blue & Black Copper mixed breeding pen
Marans: White
Ameraucana: Black & Blue & Splash mixed breeding pen
Ameraucana: Wheaten & Blue Wheaten mixed breeding pen
Ameraucana: White
Australorp: Black, Blue, Splash mixed breeding pen
Cochin: Black & Blue & Splash & White mixed breeding pen
Jersey Giant: Black and Blue mixed breeding pen
Jubilee Orpington
Orpington: Cuckoo Lavender & Black Cuckoo mixed breeding pen
Swedish Flowers, Welsummers, Olive Eggers, Light Brahma,  Cream Legbar, Cream Brabanter, Silver Laced Polish, Mottled Houdan, Breda Fowl
Silkies: mixed colour breeding pen
Indian Runner ducks: mixed colour breeding pen
Giant African Dewlap Geese-pick up only
Ridley Bronze & Narragansett Turkeys mixed breeding pen-pick up only

Registered Nubian Goats

Ask us about our waiting list on day old straight run/unsexed chicks, turkey poults, waterfowl and registered Nubian goats.  We ship fertile hatching eggs to BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba via Xpresspost in April, May and June. See our website https://wildacres.ca/or Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/wildacres.ca  for more information. 

Contact Information
Phone: 250-546-6561
Website: view our site

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