Barbet – the French Water Dog

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Registered: CKC, BFAO, CBC, BCA, SOARS
Breeds: Barbet
Wellesley, ON, Canada, Ontario

The Barbet is an old breed originating in France. Used in many situations but mostly for hunting, flushing, pointing and retrieving. The Barbet is a versatile breed of retriever and makes a wonderful companion as well as a sporting dog.
The Barbet coat is ever growing hair, and is known as allergy friendly. Grooming is necessary as the coat needs brushing and clipping or scissoring regularly.
A friendly, fiercely loyal and intelligent breed, the Barbet is a wonderful breed of dog. Can be taught anything - many are used for Guide dogs, Service dogs and in Canine Assisted Therapy. For more information or to see our dogs in person, contact


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